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Dear Friend,

Thanks for having taken interest in this very interesting, adventurous, intellectual and remunerative field of Private/ Secret Investigation something like the works & life of 007, the James Bond.

As about us, we are one of the largest Detective Agencies in the World having international presence, including that in UAE & Middle East. To know more about our company, please log on to

We are inviting people from all walks of life, who are outdoor people, already or would like to be in the field work. If you are interested but don’t have the experience we will train you under our detectives who have years of experience and thousands of success stories to their credit, having worked with us for years and before us or & are working for other Security & Detective Agencies or retired from the local police & other Federal Agencies. The best people for the job are Marketing, Security, Housekeeping, Retired Police/ Army, Taxi / Car Drivers, Advocates, Sports Persons etc…

The candidate should have a pleasing and good personality with excellent command over English, Hindi, other regional Languages and native language. He / She should preferably have a Bike with a valid driving license. He / She should be good at handling video cameras and mobile phone cameras and other electronic items.

He / She should be very intelligent so as to deal with different and sometimes, Uncomfortable and difficult situations.

He / She should if required also be capable of meeting our clients and close business deals, including dealing with huge amounts of money and responsibility.

The work is generally, to secretly keep an eye / watch on the suspects on the instructions of our clients who are either their employers, relatives, enemies or maybe any third party etc. He / She should be spying the suspect with utmost diligence and not get caught while doing so.

He / She should be smart enough to find out ways of collecting information on various subjects.

After putting them through some basic test case, in case he is found to be fit for the job, we will get into an agreement whereby we will give cases along with our plan and requirements.

He / She must have a thorough knowledge of State, City and Town in SaudiArabia & nearby cities and be prepared to go to neighboring countries, if need be.

His / Her training will be through papers/material sent by mail, and on a case to case basis.

Initially He / She will be paid between Rs.1,000/-, Rs.1,500/- to Rs. 2,000/- per day depending upon his capabilities as assessed & proved by him which will increase along with experiences of 50 – 75 – 100 and more days of work & may be double overtime.

In Addition to the above you may be given a case incentive/ price/ bonus amount etc.., if the case has been done very well and all the requirements of the client have been met.

Self Test for Freshers

Self appraisal of your capabilities for Freshers

In order to make an assessment about your capability to be a Detective in our company you will need do a self appraisal program as suggested below. This will give you an idea about the job and us an idea on your capabilities and the category that we can put you in.

  1. You will select a target of your own choice who could be your friend, relative, neighbor, colleague, enemy or any other person of your choice.
  2. You will fix an aim of your surveillance, like, is he having an affair with somebody, having drugs, drinking, gambling, is he a gay or any other aims.
  3. You will keep a watch on him for at least 2 day from 0800 to 2000 hrs and keep noting on a dairy about all his actives and actions of this target.
  4. You will take a video shot of the targets house on reaching there and also of all the places and people he meets. Even if there is no action you will still take a video shot every 2 hrs.
  5. You will text of whatever you observe along with a video / photo clippings via SMS / Whatsapp updating regularly / immediately when action takes place. Video shot/Photo shot/ any other proof of truth in the report.
  6. You will make an assessment of the places and people he meets as to how they are related to the target.
  7. On the end of the day you will make a report as below.
    Date____________, Time_____________, Action________________, End of action_______________, Observations_______________________________________________________________________, etc..
  8. End of the assignment you will consolidate the report and draw your conclusion and submit us the report along with the Video shot/photo shot and mail it to
Depending upon your performance, we will then empanel you & issue you your appointment letter and an identity card.

If you have any other Questions, please do not hesitate to revert back for further Queries.

We are looking forward for embracing you to our team.